Traditional colours All Highlights include Toners so no extra charges

Service Price
Permanent full head colour £45
Permanent Root Tint £35
Semi permanent colour £35
T section foils £50
T section foils over 10 weeks growth £55
Half Head Foils £68
Half Head Foils over 10 weeks regrowth £80
Full Head Foils £85
Full Head foils over 10 weeks regrowth £100
Mega full head foils £100
Mega full head foils and tips £115
T section foils and tint £65
Half head foils and tint £75
Full head foils and tint £90
Full head bleach and tone (short hair) £75
Full Head bleach and tone (long hair) £90
Bleach roots and tone (under 6 weeks growth) £45
Bleach roots and tone (over 6 weeks growth) £55


Balayage Standard freehand paint no foils £70
Face frame balayage/ money piece £50
Root stretch/colour melt/balayage refresh £45
Balayage and root tint £80
Balayage using foils and tint £80
Balayage using foils £75
Platinum card POA
Colour correction £50 per hour

**Extra may be charged for very long thick hair.

Cancellation policy please give as much notice as possible. 24 hours or more no charge. Less than 24 hours 50% charge.

Brows and Lashes

Cuts and Styling